Mappings of polygons

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Output of the graphic

All figures of the chain of mappings are drawn. The area is selected so that all figures are visible. However, you can move or zoom the diagram as required.

The local menu, which you open with the right mouse button, offers further options under Settings .

With the button , the diagram can be copied to the clipboard and loaded from there into a graphics program.

Before inserting a figure in the mapping list on the input page, you can mark whether the construction lines should also be drawn in the corresponding diagram.

Examples with drawn construction lines:

  Translation: dx=2, dy=1 ☑

  Axial reflection: a=(PQ), P(1|0), Q(0|1) ☑

  Point reflection: Z(2|1) ☑

  Rotation: Z(2|-1), α=60° ☑

  Homothetic transformation: Z(6|0), k=2 ☑

  Shear transformation: a=(PQ), P(0|0), Q(10|1), α=60° ☑

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