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MatheAss 9.0
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What has changed since version 8.2 and what the update costs, you can read here:
What's new in MatheAss 9.0?


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Do you want to translate the MatheAss program texts and integrate them as an additional language,
then you will be supported by this tool. You will find more information here .


On Windows 10 you may get the warning:
Running this app might put your PC at risk.

To install the program please click on Further information and then on Run anyway.


Since the release of MatheAss 9.0 in August 2020, the program has been continuously developed.
I have continuously integrated the improvements and refrained from making a paid update.

On the News page you can find out what has been added subsequently. Users registered for version 9.0 can install the current version free of charge without overwriting their license file.

You can support further program development by making a donation using the following PayPal button.