Topics of the menu Geometry

Right-angled Triangles
Given two of the elements of a right-angled triangle the others are calculated.
Triangles by three Elements or Points
Given three elements or three points of any triangle the program calculates the sides, altitudes, medians, bisectrices, circumcircle, incircle, perimeter and area.
Special lines in the triangle   (New in version 9.0)
The program calculates the equations of the perpendicular bisectors, of the side bisectors, of the angle bisectors and of the altitudes. In addition, the centers and radii of the circumcircle, of the incircle and of the three excircles.
Regular Polygones
Given one of the following elements of a polygone with n vertices, the others are calculated.
Side, Circumcircle, Incircle, Perimeter and Area.
Arbitrary Polygones
Area, perimeter and centroid of a polygone are calculated
Mappings of Polygones   (Revised in version 9.0)
A polygone can be mapped by a translation, axial symmetry, point symmetry, rotation, homothetic stretching, shear transformation or any combination of them.
Circles and its Parts
Given two elements of a circular section, radius, angle, arc, chord, section, segment, area, perimeter, distance between chord and arc and the arrow height are calculated..
Intersections in the Plane
The intersections between two lines, a line and a circle and between two circles are calculated.

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